Wedding Cake

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THC: 25% – 27%



Wedding Cake Marijuana Strain  Europe

This potent mixture of both Sativa and indica creates an upbeat high that combines cerebral stimulation with strong medicinal properties. THC: 25% – 27%. This is a strain that provides relaxation and peacefulness. This flower is nicknamed Wedding Cake for its sweet, fruity aroma and taste that resembles the scent of honeyed cake.

Medical Benefits Of Wedding Cake

The indica sided traits contribute to a more stoner stereotype because it leaves you with that dumb high smile we all get stuck with. It’s actually quite beautiful. Your muscles will clearly feel the effect more than your mind, but that is where the Sativa comes in.

Although not in great portions, the Sativa traits contribute greatly to the uplifting and euphoric effects of the whole hybrid. Together these characteristics help manage and/or relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. And speaking of depression, don’t forget to keep some water with you, indicas are known to cause dry mouth and nobody wants that.


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