Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil


THC (THC + THCa): 51.15%,

CBD (CBD + CBDa): 6.28%, CBN: 61.59%



Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil Europe

Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil at Bud Broad Europe is a Sativa cannabis strain. It is  formed with the cross of Chemdawg, Northern Lights, and a Skunk Phenotype. The Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis strain with the Sub-critical CO2 Cannabis Oil extraction method. The fast impact of the strain will make you experience a cerebral high along with energizing the whole body. This Cannabis oil is highly impactful in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression for a long period. Its pungent and diesel-like aroma relaxes down the mind and is also ideal to be used by the medical patients for relieving severe pain. .

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