Pink Panther

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THC: 22% – 24%



Pink Panther Marijuana Strain  Europe

Pink Panther wows consumers with its happy, upbeat high. THC: 22% – 24%  . Break out this bud during social events or when you’re ready for some active leisure time. While safe for the day, expect drowsiness and anxiety if you over consume this flower.

An easy breezy sativa marijuana plant, this strain dazzles with its sweet floral scent and a dreamy, relaxed experience. This bud is energizing and upbeat without going overboard, delighting consumers with sensations of contentment and bliss.

Medical Benefits Of Pink Panther

This strain is highly rated by those with migraine and other headache conditions.
This plant is also a popular selection among those seeking daytime relief from muscle spasms, tension, and cramps.
Additional reasons medical consumers seek out this medicinal flower is for chronic pain relief and stress management. .

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