Pink Kush

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THC: 18% – 19%, CBD: 1%



Pink Kush Marijuana Online  Europe

Pink Kush marijuana strain is a delight for consumers . THC: 20%, CBD: 1%. An offspring of the famous OG Kush, this plant is a sleepy indica hybrid that inspires a mellow mood and thoughtful social interactions. Save this flower for times of stress.

This marijuana strain has a berry sweet taste, this plant can produce a slow and tranquilizing cannabis experience. Mellow and heavy-bodied, this evening flower is best saved for moments when you can sink into the couch and wind down.

Medical Benefits Of Pink Kush

Mental health ailments are some of the most common reasons consumers pick up this cannabis strain. When consumed in moderation, the bud may relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.
Drowsy and slightly tranquilizing, this strain is frequently used as a sleep aid by medical cannabis patients.
Often beloved by those with pain conditions, the medicinal herb is often consumed by those with chronic pain, especially back pain.


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