Mendocino Purps

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THC: 22%



Mendocino Purps Marijuana Strain  Europe

Mendocino Purps is a famous strain from Mendocino County, California. This strong Indica-dominant Hybrid replaces pain with a powerful, sleepy sensation. THC: 22%
This weed is dense, and its unique aroma pours out once it’s busted open. The flavors in this strain are mostly deep and bitter, with just a little sweetness sprinkled in..

Medical Benefits Of Mendocino Purps

High THC levels and sedative properties make this award-winning strain popular amongst medical marijuana consumers.

Medical patients tend to like this strain for pain. The strong, physical effects of Mendo Purps make it a popular choice among those with muscle spasms.
Patients who struggle with nausea and lack of appetite may also find relief with this strain.
Of course, anyone looking for a break from chronic stress will appreciate the blissful euphoria this Hybrid provides.


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