Marathon OG

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THC: 6% – 8%, CBD: 7%



Marathon OG Marijuana Strain  Europe

This Indica-marijuana strain has got a rich history that is worth discussing.  First, it is made from a cross of OG Kush and comes with various flavors to choose from. The effects can kick you off your feet and take you on a soul-lifting experience as you relax through the hard knocks it throws at you.

With a THC dose of 21-24%, you cannot escape the hard knocks of this strain, especially if you are a first-time user. While this may look like the downsides, this strain has a long list of good tidings to its name.

Medical Benefits Of Marathon OG

The 21-24% THC that it comes with shows you will need a solid head to carry the effects of this strain; as the effects are felt on the instant, there is no gainsaying to add here that this strain has a high potency level. Against this backdrop, the strain is effective in the management of stress, anxiety, and pain.

It helps with relaxation and provides excellent backing for those who have insomnia as it is proven to be effective in its treatment and management. Chronic stress and issues related to hyperactivity are also taken care of with the use of this strain.


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