HeartBreaker Sour Cherry 1500mg




HeartBreaker Sour Cherry 1500mg Europe

The HeartBreaker Sour Cherry 1500mg is SeC’s newest and highest dosage gummy, at a WHOPPING 1500mg of THC extract. Don’t be fooled by it’s mouthwatering sour cherry flavour, this gummy packs a mean punch so please use with caution.

All SeC gummies are lab tested to ensure the highest quality. By using solvent-free THC distillate at no lower than 90% Delta 9 THC, impurities such as butane, propane, CO2 and alcohol are left behind resulting in a pure, concentrated product with amazing taste and flavour.

THC Content: 1 gummy/1500mg per gummy/1500mg per package

Bud Broad only source the highest quality edibles. We ensure all the products contain industry standard ingredients to ensure the highest potency and value.


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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 124 × 451 × 215 cm


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