Green Ribbon

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THC: 20%



Green Ribbon Marijuana Hybrid Strain  Europe

Green Ribbon, High-spirited and uplifting, this hybrid cannabis strain is a jolly flower with a pleasant attitude and plenty of  THC:20% . A little spicy, the bud makes for an excellent companion on a leisurely afternoon.

The marijuana strain is an outgoing and upbeat flower. A regular socialite, this strain often inspires talkativeness and a lighthearted mood among those who partake. So, it’s no surprise that this plant is a wonderful herb for sharing.

Medical Benefits Of Green Ribbon

Those experiencing chronic fatigue or brain fog may find that this strain is helpful.
This cannabis strain is popular among medical consumers seeking relief from pain, particularly pain triggered by spasticity, muscle spasms, and muscle tension.
The medicinal herb is also a common selection among those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other conditions related to mental health. .

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