Grand Daddy Purple

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THC: 17% – 27%, CBD: 1%



Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana Strain  Europe

Grand Daddy Purp strain with THC: 17% – 27%, CBD: 1% comes in a variety of delicious candy-like flavors. It is born from a cross of two potent strains, namely, Big Bud and Purple Urkle. While the strain carries the features of the two genetic parents, it is almost twice as potent as the parent strains. In addition, you enjoy the rich benefits of a well-composed strain with CBD and terpenes.
The strain’s taste has notes of grapes, berries, and candy that your taste buds will easily grow used to. It can easily pass as candy or a chocolate bar without realizing you are actually taking a dose of hemp extract. This discrete feature is quite admirable, it will hit you hard, but the feelings it gives make it a unique strain to consume.

Medical Benefits Of Grand Daddy Purple

If there is one thing the strain does well is that it hits the body instantly, allowing you to feel the effects almost as soon as it is consumed. It is perfect for pain management and has medical results to show that it helps treat insomnia, depression, and anxiety


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