Forbidden Fruit – Heavy Hitters


1 Gram Each

Heavy Hitters



Forbidden Fruit – Heavy Hitters Indica – Ultra Extract High Purity Oil – 1G Vape Cartridge UK

Forbidden Fruit – Heavy Hitters is luscious medley of cherry and citrus flavors. It causes spirit-lifting effects that hit right away before leaving you in a heavy, calming, state

Heavy Hitters Ultra Extract represents the pinnacle of cannabis purity. Combining top-tier input material and uncompromising quality control, Heavy Hitters benchmark oil delivers an ultra pure, perfectly-crafted cannabis experience. Ultra Extract is sourced from the top 1% indoor flower and extracted within 30 days of harvest. The result is clear, smooth oil with exceptional taste.
Each cartridge is subjected to six independent quality checks, ensuring an exceptionally reliable vape experience.

Ultra Extract is crafted with 100% cannabis-native terpenes and contains up to 95% THC.

Strain Type: Indica
Taste Profile: Fruity, Citrusy, Sweet
Effect Profile: Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy
Lineage: Cherry Pie x Tangie .

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 451 × 25 cm


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