Diablo OG

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THC: 25%



Diablo Marijuana Strain  Europe

The Diablo OG marijuana strain is a mild-mannered sativa. THC: 25%. Excellent for the occasional cannabis consumer, it provides the perfect balance between a pleasant body high meets clear-headed stress-reliever. Consider this strain if you struggle with pain, inflammation, or stress conditions.

Medical Benefits Of Diablo OG

Despite the slightly aggressive title, this mild-mannered bud can be an effective way for medical marijuana patients to soothe their woes.

Patients with anxiety, inflammatory conditions, depression, and chronic pain tend to enjoy this strain
As with most high-THC strains, this marijuana strain tends to ease anxiety and improve mood in moderate does. In high doses, however, this cannabis may increase these symptoms in some people
Focused, this flower is popular among medical cannabis patients with ADD/ADHD


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