Cali Gold

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THC: 19%



Cali. Gold Marijuana Hybrid Strain  Europe

Cali Gold is a Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain bred from Jah OG Kush and DS Gold. It’s enjoyed by a small subsection of enthusiasts, providing a great body high mixed with a bit of the classic sativa starriness. The result is a sedated and yet creative mood. It measures in at a perfectly reasonable 19% THC, and it’s an excellent choice for evening-time consumption or a lazy afternoon. A refreshing lemony smell completes this weed’s satisfying properties.

Medical Benefits Of Cali Gold

Relaxing effects of this cannabis may provide relief to those with anxiety or stress issues.
Anaesthetic properties potentially useful in the treatment of chronic aches and pains.
Sedative qualities could come in handy for those with insomnia.


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