How to Properly Store Vape Juice

How to Properly Store Vape Juice

E-liquid is a relatively expensive and important part of vaping. Improper storage degrades the nicotine and flavorings. The main concern to look at while storing e-liquids is the temperature of storage space, the heat exposure, and how sealed the container is. Buy Vape Cartridges Online

Here are some tips to guide you on storing e-juices in the right way possible to make the most of them.

-Keep Your e-Liquid at Room Temperature

E-liquid flavorings and additives are usually added in the room temperature setting. Because of this, the flavor additives retain their best properties and taste at room temperature. Above room temperature, certain flavorings may break down or react with other components in the e-liquid that wouldn’t trigger initially at room temperature. Hence, for quality flavor and additives, it is wise to keep your e-liquid at room temperature. Find more about it at freedom fog vape shop.

-Keep e-Liquid Away From Warm Temperature, Heat, and Sunlight

If you are expecting your vape juices to last longer, it is highly suggested to save them from exposure to warm temperatures, heat, and sunlight. It is important to know that just keeping away your e-liquid from UV rays isn’t sufficient enough. Instead, protect it from warm temperatures and heat too.

This is probably because if an e-liquid is exposed to the sun for a long time, it can have adverse effects on the liquid components. Although e-liquid does not immediately vaporize until it touches 300º Fahrenheit, however, it can turn into an unstable and runny liquid as soon as it reaches 100º Fahrenheit.

Store Your e-Liquid in Glass Bottles

It is recommended to store your e-liquids in a glass bottle than in a plastic bottle. Plastic can react with e-liquids when exposed to heat, and therefore change the liquid’s properties. On the other hand, glass minimizes any interactions and also reduces the contact with air.

You should also consider storing e-juice in tinted bottles for a longer time. Tinted bottles more effectively protect your e-juice from sunlight compared to clear bottles.

Seal Your e-Juices Tightly Before Storing
If an e-juice is giving passage to air for long, you will notice a considerable amount of nicotine loss as oxygen in the air reacts with nicotine and produce cotinine. It’s almost impossible to cut off all interaction of oxygen with e-juice. But what you can do is seal your e-juice bottles tight, to keep the air out of it and also restrict the oxidation process. This way you will also be preventing the evaporation of your e-juices by closing the bottle as tight as they can be.

-You Can Store in a Refrigerator
For long term storage, you can refrigerate your e-juice. Just like other refrigerated food items, refrigeration of the e-liquid stopovers the bacterial activity. It reduces the tendency of the molecules to react with each other in cold temperatures. .


So, by following these easy and very simple steps, you can make sure that your e-juices are fresh and you can enjoy your vaping every time with the same flavor you stored your e-juice bottle with.

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