Some Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

Some Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana is still a hotly-debated topic, even with legalization being available in certain countries as well as in some states within the U.S and Europe. Regardless of where you stand on the debate, the truth is that cannabis is a drug and there are pros and cons to the legalization of any substance. Buy Weed Online Europe

To those who use weed themselves or to those who support the benefits that weed may offer, there are many benefits that would come with legalizing marijuana. Why should we legalize marijuana? Some of the pros of legalizing marijuana include:

  • Boosts Economy
    The marijuana market is huge. From medical to recreational use, there are plenty of people willing to pay good money to purchase their weed. This money could easily be used to boost the economy, rather than being put in the pockets of those who may or may not pay taxes with those profits.
  • Creates Less Black Market Demand
    Let’s face it, laws don’t prevent people from doing drugs. People are going to do drugs if they want to, they will just simply work around these laws and become sneakier in their attempts to acquire and use illicit substances. By legalizing marijuana, purchasing the drug no longer has to be a black market ordeal.
  • Decreased Teen Use
    Anyone who sells weed illegally is already breaking the law, which means that they can sell to whoever they want, whenever they want. This makes it easier for teens to get their hands on and use. While it isn’t as dangerous as other substances, marijuana isn’t recommended for teens as it can cause damage to their developing brains.

    Legalization of the drug would make sure that those who sell are legally able to sell and therefore, ban them from selling to customers who are under the required medical or recreational age. Normalization of the drug may also help to decrease overall use until teens have reached legal age.

  • Regulated for Safety
    Illegal weed is unregulated. True, there are laws that prohibit its use but these laws don’t have any impact on use until after it has been consumed by the individual. If weed were to gain legal status, however, we would have a much more transparent view of everything from growth to purchase.
  • Less People in Jail
    Marijuana is arguably one of the least harmful of all illegal substances. It doesn’t have any of the fatal side effects that many other illicit drugs carry. However, because it is illegal, many people have gone to jail for possession or use of the substance. This takes up space in prisons for the people who are facing more serious charges.
  • More Money Through Taxes
    Money made through selling weed (illegally) is not taxable. This means that all of the profits made by drug dealers go straight into their pockets and will likely never see government use. Considering the fact that the market is so big, the government could earn a lot through the taxing of marijuana sales, which would help to build the budgets that go towards important things we need in this country. This is a great incentive for the government to consider legalization at a national level.
  • Create Millions of Jobs
    The marijuana industry is lucrative and this means that there are plenty of opportunities for jobs. From marketing to delivery services to taking care of the dispensaries, there are unlimited employment opportunities for those who need it. Additionally, the legalization of this substance would make it possible for even larger businesses to grow. This would result in the further development and creation of job opportunities.

These are some benefits that will arouse from the legalization of marijuana in the world and Europe at large.

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